MotoPress has a cool set of things you need. Simple and intuitive WordPress plugin enables to add, edit, move, remove and rearrange elements of your website. Only with few clicks you are able to change your layouts and see what you have done at once.

Here are the key features of MotoPress:

Drag and Drop editor

lets users create stylish and functional layouts, add, move and remove website’s blocks only with few clicks. Stop deal with tons of messy shortcodes, try MotoPress.

Simple familiar techniques and basic skills

are preferred to use. It’s easy to develop in your own way with no limits and additional unnecessary requirements.

Twitter Bootstrap based platform

includes responsive grid system, LESS CSS, dozens of interface components and useful JavaScript extensions.

By using MotoPress you can:

Give your layout sparkling unique appearance and handy functionality. Once you’ve got the plugin activated, you’ll able to take the advantages of all MotoPress features: